Saturday, September 13, 2014

Favorites of NYFW SP15

Being that New York fashion week is officially over I thought I'd share a few of my favorites from different collections. Now I'm no expert on fashion shows etc. so I made sure to include a bunch of links so you guys can go check out all the shows on your own. Hope you enjoy!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hair Inspiration: Subtle Unicorn Hair

Lately I've been gandering at Pinterest in search of something interesting to do to my hair. Of course, this leads to scrolling through hundreds of super bright/pastel unicorn haired gals. While I actually do adore those colors, I don't really think they fit my personality. The colors are just too in yo face and that's not really my style. Nonetheless, I've found some variations (above) that are unique and more subtle colors but still really kickass! Who knows if I actually have the guts to dye my hair silver... but I especially like the dark gray/green hue of pic #4. Maybe this will inspire you to....look at Pinterest haha! I don't know many people daring enough to die their hair these colors! 

What color would you dye your hair??

In any case, if your bored, cruise on over to my Pinterest
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Weekly Wishes #2

Hey there everyone! I'm back with this week's Weekly Wishes, a weekly linkup for goals! This link up is run by The Nectar Collective, my new favorite blog and inspiration. It seems as though Tuesday's might be the day I will be doing these because on Mondays, I look just like Sanibel (above) haha. Plus Tuesdays are just oodles more fun! In my opinion. Tuesday's are also usually when I have a bunch of coffee and feel more energized! 


Set up a general weekly calendar. Yes and no. While I've got the general calendar set up, I'm finding that it might be easier to just set up my calendar two weeks in advance with more specific things. 
Plan/ Brainstorm future blog post ideas. I have thought about a few posts but more needs to be done! 
Research. Yes! I have researched... but anytime I research I always find that there's a lot more that I don't know than I do. haha! 
Finish organizing my room. This actually did not get done. I like to use the "Creative minds are rarely tidy" excuse. haha! 
Wake up everyday at 8 a.m. I'd say I'm still struggling a bit but it is getting easier! 


* I've realized, uh, duh! Why am I not using SMART goals to help me with this? Smart goals will commence now! :) *
Set up a *more specific* weekly calendar. I'd like to set up my calendar 2 weeks in advance. I'd like my calendar to include things such as, what blog posts will be posted when, when I should write them, if they need to be photographed long beforehand etc. I'd also love to develop a general daily agenda so that I can be up by a certain time, working on specific things, and then have time for other things. 
Carry around my notebook. This is more of a habit I would like to pick up. While I try to carry a notebook around, I often times forget. Having my notebook with me will help so much when I think of new ideas.
Organize my room. I'd love to have it completely organized and decorated so that I could possibly do a few make-up/get ready with me/hair/randomness videos. 
Research more and paperwork. Self-explanatory really.
Recap on NYFW. I really enjoyed watching the live stream on the first day of fashion week and I'd love to watch the rest and do a recap sometime this week!
Connect with more bloggers. I really want to make more blogger friends and just talk with people! :)
Send out another weekly newsletter. If you haven't seen on my sidebar, I have a weekly newsletter and yesterday I sent out my first one!! It was very exciting for me haha! And I hope I can make them exciting for you guys too!

The Nectar Collective

I adore this link-up because it really gets you thinking about your goals and how you're going to meet them. I encourage all of you guys to join! :)

What are your goals for the week??

P.S.  You can reach me anytime at the new Antiques & Coffee email...

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hidden Gems & Basics

   I was looking through my camera and noticed that I had tons of outfit pictures that never made their debut here on Antiques & Coffee. So I thought I would take this opportunity to show you a few outfits from this Summer. 

My essential basics

  These black shorts (Pictured in Photos 5, 6, 7) from CottonOn that go with everything! Flowy so they look skirtish but comfy like shorts. I'm not getting paid to say it haha I just love these shorts!!
 P.s. these are on sale for $10!!!

  A flannel to go with everything. They're so easy to throw on when your in a cold store, it gets chilly at night or you want to layer under a jacket. I seriously think there's no such thing as too many flannels. {I did a DIY on this Brandy Melville inspired Flannel [1, 3, 5] here.} 

A pair of Vans. Haha I'm not too sure if I can really call this a basic? but many styles from Vans are perfectly simple and can be paired with anything in my wardrobe. For those days when I don't want to get all dolled up and wear pretty flats or sandals, Vans get the job done and give that effortless cool vibe! 

What are your essential basics? 

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WEAR IT: White Polka Dots

Hey there everyone! Happy Hump Day! 

Today while I was rummaging through my wardrobe and trying to figure out what to wear, I couldn't help but feel like there was nothing for who I am today (as the quote goes:)). As I pulled out dresses, top and skirts galore, I was hit with the harsh reality that I have tons of clothes I haven't worn in FOREVER. This is such a depressing thing to me, guys!  haha! (Am I being dramatic?) Not only were there things that I hadn't worn in a while, I also found numerous pieces that I haven't worn at all. 

Now if you're like me and love clothes, you'll understand how upsetting it is to declutter your closet and see how you rarely used some items. While I'm all for emptying your closet of useless items that have banished to the corner of the rack, I'm also very pro "you can make anything work." 

With that said, I wanted to create a little series that will occasionally be posted on Wednesdays.


This white polka dot skirt was bought for me by my boyfriend about 3 years ago. It's about three or four years old and has been worn once (*heart breaks*). I've debated throwing it out numerous times but can't bring myself to do it! It's so cute, classic looking, and simple. BUT anytime I wear it, I feel like I'm way too dressed up. 

Today I challenged myself to just WEAR IT. So here are my efforts to try and make this skirt more casual, relaxed and grunge-ish. 


| Top: Mint Clothing Company | Skirt: Forever21{similar here} | Bag: via my sister |
| Shoes: Target {similar here} | Nails: Sinful Colors Calypso

I challenge you guys to go through your closet, find something you don't wear often, and just WEAR IT! 

Btw, the shirt is actually a shirt from the company I interned with my last semester of school, Mint Clothing Company!! They're going to have some super cute things in the Fall!!

I also wanted to share my new ads for Passionfruit! I've had so much fun designing lately!!

If you wish to swap buttons or advertise with Antiques & Coffee in other ways, feel free to visit my Sponsor page or email me!

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