Thursday, July 10, 2014

High Low Love

I recently had to organize a bunch of outfits for a prototype of the Lookform profiles. While this seemed so easy when I agreed to it, I was suddenly very aware of my "small" wardrobe. Haha, I say small because often times I'm referring to the quote, "When a woman says, 'I have nothing to wear,' what she really means is 'There's nothing here for who I'm supposed to be today.'" I totally agree with this, one day I am totally in love with an outfit and the next I wonder why I even bought it. Haha #girlproblems!

Nonetheless, I love high-low tops and how versatile they can be. I love to pair them with everything from shorts, to jeans, to skirts, and even over dresses. Here's how I paired it with jeans for a super casual outfit.

Outfit Details:
Floppy hat: CottonOn (similar here)
 High-Low Top: Olsenboye (similar here)
Skinny Jeans: Forever21 (similar here)
 Sandals: CottonOn (read more here)
 Handbag: Calvin Klein (similar here)

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

DisneyLand Adventures

The other day, Jeremy and I took a spur of the moment DisneyLand trip with some friends (meet Amir and Jordyn!) Having an annual pass is seriously the greatest thing ever because we can randomly decide to take a trip if Jeremy has the day off.  Here are some pics from our adventure and below are some of my tips for DisneyLand trips!


Disney Land Essentials

Wearing shorts is a summer essential for any DisneyLand trip. Seriously, you will thank me. This trip, I actually wore a long T-shirt dress from Target and wore some shorts underneath.

Another essential for me is a flannel shirt. You can wrap it around your waist during the day (instead of renting a locker) and it can also cover your bum if you go on a water ride and end up all wet! And when it gets cold at night, you have a light cover up!

And my last essential is hand wipes or some type of hand sanitizer. When you're constantly touching things that hundreds of other people are also touching, you REALLY want to sanitize.

For those of you who are interested in Lookform updates, 

Here is an example of how a profile page will look!

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Obsession: Birk Inspired Sandals

Summer is here and it's no secret that Birkenstocks are officially back! Now, I was certainly skeptical of the trend and I wouldn't doubt that there are people who absolutely hate this trend but I went to the dark side and ohh does it feel so good! I mean this quite literally too! 

While I can't bring myself to spend $120+ on a pair of sandals, I've been in love with the fact that different brands are releasing their versions of the iconic sandal. 

While many variations resemble Birkenstocks quite a bit, some are taking subtle details and making their own equally awesome versions. The two pairs pictured above are my own (worn to death) pairs from CottonOn (blk) and Payless (tan- found HERE)

Check out these other variations:

These are too cute, and a combo of a classic summer espadrille and a platform.

These still have that molded foot bed that is just too comfy for words.

And of course, there is the classic Birkenstock

This trend is definitely a matter of personal taste, but I find that they can go with just about anything casual. I've actually even seen some ladies dress them up! But if you're too hesitant about trying out Birks, try and give your favorite brand's variation a try, you might be surprised!

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